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ELISAVA Research is the platform for the generation of knowledge and debate around technological and social innovation through design, creating sustainable, ethical and wellbeing development opportunities.

ELISAVA Research identity revolves around these key aspects:

  • A Design Research Lab and a Futures Research Lab from where the solutions to important and future design, societal and business challenges are investigated, ideated, prototyped and communicated.
  • A platform that questions and proposes, by using research through design and futures research methodologies, new solutions to societal and technological challenges; and by using the scientific method, the theory, methodology and practise related to design.
  • An emerging and agile transdisciplinary research articulated around six knowledge areas (human, communication, materials, technology, society, and theory & methodology) that act as a modular system through which different research lines or projects can be generated.
  • A vibrant community of researchers whose goal is to transfer value to society through innovation and talent.
  • A knowledge network acting at international level that involves different strategic agents.
  • An actionable knowledge and applied university research that resolves the new paradigms of the current industry, and that considers research as an intrinsic part of the learning experience.

Since 2018 ELISAVA Research has been officially recognised and funded as an Emergent Research Group by the Generalitat de Catalunya, allowing to boost its research within ELISAVA and its international projection.


Knowledge Areas

The research group is conceived as a modular and interconnected knowledge system. Each modular knowledge area is integrated by PhD professors and PhD candidates with that specific expertise. The different research lines and the ad hoc research lab projects are generated by combining the transdisciplinary expertise of two or more areas.


Knowledge areas expertise:

  • Human: user interaction and user experience, wearables, on-the-body methodologies, biomechanics, senses and emotional design, holistic design, wellness.
  • Communication: information, identity, language, semiotics, aesthetics, media, data visualization.
  • Materials: materials as substance, product, form, energy, sustainability.
  • Technology: digitisation, 4.0 industry, sensorization, simulation, augmented and virtual reality.
  • Society: context, built environment, infrastructure, systems, co-creation, social empowerment, anthropology, visual & material culture and cultural values.
  • Theory & methodology: research through design methodologies, futures research methodologies, scientific research methodologies applied to design; creative skills and processes, ethics.

Collaboration formats

ELISAVA Research is committed to generate content and transfer its knowledge to different actors. We evaluate and incorporate PhD candidates, collaborate with other research units and technological centres, and undertake projects alongside companies and institutions.


Our collaboration formats are as follows:

  • PhD thesis and Postdoctoral stays
  • Design Research Lab Projects
  • Futures Research Lab Projects
  • Joint research lines
  • Ad hoc commissioned content
  • Global and European Projects
  • Strategic partnerships

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