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Visualizing ideas. Building and communicating from drawing (closed course)

Basic data


Salva Fàbregas Perucho

Duration // Schedule

17th to 21st September 2018 (25 hours) // From 9 a.m. to 2.15 p.m.




500 €. The programme has a 25% special discount for students enrolled at ELISAVA. Bold members of Elisava Alumni will enjoy a 15% reduction.




...Probably, freehand draw is the ideal way to conceive and express ideas.

This course is focused on the gesture, the freehand draw, the personal draw; the one you do in a notebook, a napkin, a bloc, on a plan, on a whiteboard, in a presentation... It deals with the draw as methodology of sketching, visualizing, building and communicating ideas in pursuit of humanizing the design process.

Drawing is thinking at the same time we build, see and evaluate ideas that generate any creative process. We propose to go through the freehand draw, while using the gesture and basic drawing techniques for building and visualizing ideas that pop up during the creative process both for building and communicating them.

The course is divided in five workshops of five hours each one, where we will work on the observation, the introspection and the communication through the draw, as well as different expression and representation techniques. We will practice several methodologies, while proposing to each participant to create their own language through the five workshops.


  • To practice and fix the basis in order to define the personal language based on the draw for using it freely in any creative process.
  • To know and deepen in different methodologies, techniques and systems to express and represent through the draw.



The course is structured in five workshops connected in a sole challenge/project that the participant will show the last workshop. This challenge or excuse will consist in visualizing, building, and communicating a concept, that we will transform into a project from the drawing.

It is to practice the usage of all the codes to represent the sketch and the freehand draw that we will practice in order to compose a sole result.

Workshops work on the different methodologies and techniques in common that allow both the drawing practice and the personal project development process, adding steps to the composition to the final result always taking into account the know-how and the freehand draw practice. 

Each workshop adds visions from different professionals along with the tutor accompanying, for getting a new parallel tour for different techniques and drawing visions, with the definition and following of a personal and continuous work.

Sessions will be always divided in two hours of workshop with a visiting professional with whom we practice and share his / her techniques and methodologies, plus three hours of guided personal work, in which we apply in each personal project the different techniques and shown methodologies, presented in a sole result all the learned process.

Teaching Staff


Industrial designer, drawing professor, ELISAVA's expression and representation area coordinator.

Master's in Cross-Discipline Studies of Design and Communication, ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering, and Pompeu Fabra University. Bachelor of Arts in Design top up by Winchester School of Art, Southampton University. Graduate in industrial design by Llotja School in Barcelona and in automotive by La Salle.

Specialized in Product Design with a long career in the urban space and collectivities fields. Always using, as his own and distinctive language, the freehand draw and the sketch in all his works.

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