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Online image and identity. Personal branding on the internet (Closed course)

Basic data


Tuesday 24/01/17, Wednesday 25/01/17 and Thursday 26/01/17


From 10 AM to 2:15 PM


Introductory / intermediate




Enrolled in Master and Postgraduate’s programmes (M&P): 85€ the first two courses. The third course and the following ones will have a price of 75€. | Not enrolled in M&P: 195€ each course (Alumni Bold: 15% discount).

Aimed at

The course is particularly open to everyone, since every professional or student will have to face countless of occasions for the writing throughout their careers.


Nowadays, professionals, both independent and of other types, are expected to have clearly their image defined on internet.

It is more than their own personal curriculum: the type of identity that professionals create about themselves on websites, blogs, social media and the interactions with other people are a proof of their professional activity, personality and pace of work.

In the past, having an up-to-date curriculum and a page on LinkedIn was enough; today it is necessary to have a living presence, always volatile, which not only interacts with its followers and other professionals, but also appears sensitive to the changes the profession and actuality require.

Professionals without a defined online image that is controlled by themselves risk that any search by employers or followers could be blurry, vague or with lack of the necessary sense of identity that the online leadership requires.

This course aims at working for the creation of an own image on the internet based on personal branding by following the latest trends and strategies.


  • Helping the students to previously define their personal and professional identity as a preparation for the process.
  • Getting information about the trends, influencers, sector leaders and other examples of effective online personal image.
  • Definition of the online personality of every student, basing on their personality, experiences and objectives.
  • Distinguishing between optimal and worn-out strategies within the management of the personal image.
  • Having the online available information under control in order to maximize the positive references.
  • Conflict management on social media. 

Structure and contents

  1. The need of an online identity.
  2. Online identity types. The narrative archetypes.
  3. The identity that evolves: storytelling.
  4. Case examples: “do’s” and “don’ts”.
  5. The voice: developing a reading of our personal identity.
  6. The image: from the CV photography to Instagram.
  7. Social media: the identity that evolves, Conflicts. 2.0.
  8. Case studies and examples.

Teaching staff

Salva Rubio

Salva Rubio is a professional scriptwriter, novelist and storyteller. He currently has different full-length films in production and development, he is a cinematographic project analyst and he also has experience in animation screenplay. As a novelist, he has published two books with Penguin Random House and is working on the third novel. As a graphic novel scriptwriter, he is preparing different works for the Le Lonbard Franco-Belgian publishing house and, as a teacher, he has taught in schools such as the European University of Madrid, ESNE or ELISAVA.

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