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Food Design: From Paris to Barcelona (Programme in English - Cancelled)

Basic data


Parsons Paris - The New School (Paris) and ELISAVA (Barcelona)


Start date: 29th June 2018


5,980 $ (accommodation included)




In the first two weeks in Paris, students will be introduced to culinary design, food, and wine tastings in order to develop their own sensory categories and vocabulary. Particular attention is paid to the role of the senses both from a theoretical and an experiential point of view. Students will learn about the history of food distribution in Paris, from Les Halles to Rungis, and they will visit a number of markets as part of their tours of the city. They will learn about the history of restaurants and visit historic restaurants as sites for food consumption over the ages. They will have an intensive introduction to wine and cheese tastings. A visit to the Musée de Sevres and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs will provide an introduction to the history of the Arts de la Table.

During the second two weeks in Barcelona, students will be introduced to Spanish tapas through the concept of “fast, good” food design, and will also learn the tools and methodology of product design. Students will participate in sessions and field visits that put this topic in its proper historical context, and will learn about contemporary thoughts and future visions for product design. Students will also participate in workshops covering the history of food and beverage package design, and will discuss topics such as aesthetics and trends, branding, typography, materials, sustainability.

Photos: PuxanBC

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