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Temes de Disseny

Temes de Disseny was created in 1986 as a channel for communication and reflection among students, professionals and researchers involved in the culture of design. The 34th edition, published in 2018, represents a turning point in the publication, being transformed into an open-access scientific journal. This new format not only plans to remain as a point of reference in the field of design and a bridge between the local and international strategic framework, but also aims to be a reference within the scientific communities of other disciplines.


The publication also has the purpose to strengthen design as a research discipline that merits attaining the same value as any other discipline to become an area and a field of knowledge. A special emphasis has been placed in including research through design due to its great potential as an integrating agent amongst disciplines. Each annual edition focuses on a specific topic, chosen by the Editors-in-chief and the Editorial Board —formed by a selection of local and international experts with different approaches to design research— and directed by a Guest Editor.


Temes de Disseny addresses current social, environmental and economic challenges for design and engineering, with scientific rigor along with appealing graphics, which are both the core of ELISAVA’s publications.




 In the first edition of Temes de Disseny, with a pioneering future vision, Jordi Pericot mentioned the following words:

"Temes de Disseny answers the need to bring research initiatives together that allow us to formulate new proposals regarding future expectations.

 At a time in which the discussion about design not only doesn't seem exhausted, but, on the contrary, it seems that it is increasingly enjoying wider acceptance both in the field of research and in the field of practice, this new publication intends to bring to light the leading issues posed by the current practice of design from a pragmatic perspective".

 You can read the first 33 editions of Temes de Disseny in the following link: