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ELISAVA offers different collaboration options according to our needs:

  • Innovation Lab
  • Academic Projects
  • Research Projects (ELISAVA Research)

Innovation Lab

According to the specific needs of the company, the developed project will be focused on providing solutions to its concrete goal,  challenge or problem. Thanks to the participation of students outside school hours, under the supervision of, at least, a collaborator of ELISAVA (Professors / alumni) throughout an initial briefing of the project. The work team is organized according to the needs of each company, and is made ​​up of a multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers, depending on the requirements of the project in question. The project duration is necessary in order to respond to the challenge posed.

Academic Projects

These projects will be carried out in the framework of Degree and Postgraduate Programmes taught at ELISAVA, and they will be developed by the students in the teaching ours. The working teams are created according to the studies or the subjects related to the project. The length of the project development will vary depending on the programme and the trimester.

Research Projects (ELISAVA Research)

Projects are aimed to do research and to understand and improve the creative process in product design for companies.

We also work in other areas such as research in applications of grapheme or ergonomic metrics (nanotechnology, wereables, Internet of Things or Big Data). These projects are carried out through Business Chairs, which shall be at least one year.

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