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Business Services


Collaboration with companies and institutions is part of ELISAVA’s daily life. Our University is known for its capacity to create and transfer knowledge to the business sector.

Companies contact us for our potential in design and engineering, as well as for our capacity in implementing research and innovation projects.

All the projects that have been carried out until now show ELISAVA’s high capacity to face challenges and, at the same time, its capacity to adapt the collaboration formats to the different situations. This direct experience also allows training highly-qualified future designers and engineers, who will be able to provide an added value to products and services thanks to these collaborations.

Innovation, creativity and the use of new technologies are basic values for our society. ELISAVA intensely works with companies in order to give answers to these new challenges, and to contribute in creating scenarios where the future will be built.

Collaboration typologies

  • Projects
  • Sponsorship
  • In-Company Training

Internship Exchange

ELISAVA is one of the university schools with the highest percentage of labour market integration of its students.

As the School has connections with a broad network of companies and institutions, from small design studios to large multinationals, students are able to go on work placements.

If you are a company and you want to contact a student through a training agreement, please contact the Academic Management Unit through the mail