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ELISAVA professors Francesc Ribot and Albert Folch participate in the Festival 4GN in Bogotá

27.09.2017 to 30.09.2017
Several schedules (check the 4GN website)
Several places (check the 4GN website)


ELISAVA professors Francesc Ribot and Albert Folch are two of the expert speakers who will participate in the upcoming Festival 4GN in Bogotá.

The 4th edition of the international design festival 4 Grados Norte will take place from September 27th to 30th in the capital of Colombia and will have a large number of designers from different disciplines, who will participate in conferences and workshops around 16 different disciplines of design.

During its previous editions, the meeting has managed to attract more than 4,000 attendees, consolidating itself as one of the great design festivals of the country.


Activities of Francesc Ribot in 4GN

09/09: "Between white and black: the packaging of the brands"
As in a game of chess, the mass market is becoming a struggle in which the strategy of the brands is decisive. In the conference we will reveal how the design plays a relevant role in the construction and perception of the different realities.

30/09: "Three approaches to the design of brands, professional, academic and research"
With a long history in the design consultancy of brands, the lecturer will approach from three perspectives, an extremely complex discipline for its expressive requirements and its links with cultural, economic and social factors.

Albert Folch's activities at 4GN

28/09: Workshop "Redesigning the concept of a country brand" (Country and Place Branding Workshop)
Participants should consider redesigning the Colombian brand country. Based on an analysis of the brand and its current positioning, the workshop provides for the strategic identification of the values ​​to be represented and a proposal for the visual, narrative and strategic development of the new visual identity. In the process of rebranding a country, it is essential to construct a visual identity that pushes a repositioning that fulfills its strategic objectives and that manages to project a different, deeper and original look on the nation.

09/29: Conference "Strategy, narratives, and design for brands" (Branding)
In the digital and post-advertising era, brands have become the new media and need to be able to convey their message across multiple formats, channels, environments. Through key projects, Folch will explain its understanding of contemporary brand communication. In our liquid and constantly changing environment, brand development is linked to three fundamental axes: the definition of a strategic approach, the generation of authentic and attractive narratives, and its translation into a visual universe.