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Who can become Alumni Bold?


To become Alumni Bold you must fulfil some of these conditions:

  • To have some ELISAVA's first, second or third cycle academic degree.
  • To have taken a course at ELISAVA for at least one academic year, without taking into account whether you have obtained a diploma or not, or whether you have finished a training itinerary or not.
  • To be, or to have been, a professional or a collaborator at the School as a manager, teacher, staff or any other task that have positively contributed to the School.

All those people who have worked in favour of ELISAVA's growing will be suggested to become honorary Alumni

Master and Postgraduate students will enjoy Alumni Bold's services for free during their programme. To join Alumni bold you must send an email to

You can enjoy all the services and activities of this Association with an Annual Fee of 50€You can become Alumni Bold right now by filling in this form.