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Carolina Raventós

The lighting is a key point of a project

It has left me with a good impression. I have already studied several postgraduate courses here at ELISAVA and I really wanted to be able to take this course. And now that I have been able to do it, the truth is that I liked it very much. You broaden the subject about LED, which is a completely different world, and they help you to understand it better. I have studied interior design and then I did a postgraduate course of Private Perimeter, which is like dwellings; then Hotels and now in September I will do one of Restaurants. In these postgraduate courses, they barely say something about LEDs and the lighting is a key point of a project. I will really be able to apply what I have learned here. I would definitely recommend it, and even to people who are just curious about lighting, as it does not require much training. Projects are based on where to put lighting, not on materials.